20 Short Afro Hairstyles for Black Ladies

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Curly hair is a hair which has its own unique, playful and rebellious look. Black women usually have this kind of hair. Because of  uniqueness, we must find right hairstyles. The right hairstyles will show people more attractive. Afro becomes one of various hairstyles mostly picked by black women. Afro gives a really fun, wild and edgy side. So, these articles will be special for you, ladies, because we have best short afro hairstyles fitting for black ladies! If you want take a wild and fun ride, short and wild, highlighted, red stranded, tiny colorful curls, ringlet and combed out afro hairstyle will accompany you perfectly. Short and ringlet afro hairstyles will make you look powerful because they get a great volume on your hair. To make it edgier, you can add highlights, red or other colors on your beautiful afro. If you want to make you wild afro look neat, you can just comb it out. You instantly make a combed out hairstyle. Those who want to make your afro look elegant and romantic, you can choose natural mixture afro, natural romantic mane or bouncy curly hairstyle. The volume on these short hairstyles add your glamorous look. To make natural mixture afro, you can add a moisturizer on your hair. It will give a natural and smooth hair. Moreover, you’ll look fit in any formal occasion. Do you want something bold and different? You can pick between Mohawk, fluffy crown and buzzed sides, dreadlock eyelets, curly bowl style and wet effect on short curly cut. Shave your sides’ hair to make Mohawk, fluffy crown and buzzed side, and dreadlock eyelets. If you want add something sleek and playful, you can make a wet effect on your short curly cut and a curly bowl style. To make this bowl style, you can cut your hair around, just like a bowl. This cut will give you a unique look! Short afro hairstyle, tinted curly pixie, bright sunny undercut, natural mixture, texture of volume curls, short pixie cut and short and chic hairstyles are also other best options to make a simple yet lit look. If you choose one of these hairstyles, you will not have to spend so much time on styling your afro. Besides, these hairstyles also give a good volume, so your hair will be always fresh. Pixie cuts make you easier to manage your hair. On the other side, short and chic hairstyle allows you to cut your hair really short but it still gives an afro vibe on it. This hairstyle is not only for informal but also formal events. Let us introduce you the best short afro hairstyles now.

1-Afro Hairtyle for Black Ladies

Afro Hairtyle for Black Ladies, Afro Natural Short Women

2-Natural Hairtyle

Natural Hairtyle, Natural Curly Afro Women

3-Cute Hairtyle

Cute Hairtyle, Fade Afro Twa Taper

4-Afro Hair

Afro Hair, Natural Afro Wig Tips

5-Updo Hairtyle

Updo Hairtyle, Natural Updo Thin Quick

6-Casual Hair

Casual Hair, Natural Women Short Nature

7- Daily Look

Natural Afro Twist Twa

8- Gorgeous Afro Style

Black Afro Women Nature

9- Cute Hair

Natural Short Curly Women

10- Black Curls with Red Mixtures

Natural Tapered Twa Taper

11- Stunning Curls

Natural Afro Women Nature

12- Cute Look

Natural Women Short Twa

13- Afro Hairstyle with Flowers

Afro Flowers Black Women

14- Braided Afro Look

Natural Short Side Nature

15- Shaved Afro Style

Black Women Mohawk Natural

16- Shaved Haircut

Natural Women Twa Shaved

17- Cute Small Curls

Natural Women Tapered Black

18- Amazing Hairstyle

Natural Curly Black Women

19- Bold and Sharp Style

Woman Twa Makeup Black

20- Cool Afro Hair

Natural Women Nyong'O Lupita

Here you have seen short afro hairstyles of black ladies you can pick. You do not have to hide your afro because this hair deserves to be shown off. This kind of hair will make you look more fun, cheerful, and sexy at the same time. Besides, most of these hairstyles fit all faces and ages. Pick one and show how beautiful you are!

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