20 Pics of Modern Short Hairstyles for Women

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Modern short haircuts are a constant wellspring of inspiration and strengthening. Today, many varieties of the classic short ‘dos (pixies, bobs, and more) are returning furiously and even shorter than ever.

Between unconventional styling and a bit of striking color for sure, short hair has been reawakened yet again. Look at these very short haircuts that could conceivably motivate you to make the cut!

Here are 20 pics of modern short hairstyles for women we’ve brought together for you!

1. Modern Short Haircut

This is a razor cut edited style – not exactly a pixie, as it has a longer, gentler outline. I love this shape because it offers ease of styling and is as yet versatile enough to fold, part, push back, or enhance the volume of the curls.

Modern Short Haircuts

2. Modern Blonde Short Hairstyle

This textured pixie was enlivened by her current color. It was a fun and playful way to incorporate and use her new development to our advantage of creating profundity and measurement while giving her a fun/tense cut in the middle of color services.

Modern Short Hairstyles

3. Latest Short Hairstyle for Women

This is a choppy pixie cut that was created with a razor, shears and mixing shears. We wanted there to be movement within the hair regardless of what angle we were looking from.

Modern Short Hairstyles for Women

4. Modern Bob Short Hairstyle 2019

I would depict this look as easy chic. This is one of those cuts can easily go from work to night out with the girls. This cut is also ageless and functions admirably with fine to medium textures.

Modern Short Hairstyles 2019

5. Modern Pixie Hairstyle for Short Hair

I would depict this as a versatile pixie. It has a lot of movement and enough texture to help a delicate or tense look.  This look is spunky yet ladylike. Utilized a feather razor to cut the whole thing which adds so much texture and creates ladylike, wispy lines, especially around the hairline.

Modern Hairstyles for Short Hair

6. Blonde Bob

Modern Short Hairstyles-6

7. Blonde Highlights

Modern Short Hairstyles-7

8. Grey Colored

Modern Short Hairstyles-8

9. Very Short Pixie

Modern Short Hairstyles-9

10. Long Bob Cut

Modern Short Hairstyles-10


Modern Short Hairstyles-11


Modern Short Hairstyles-12


Modern Short Hairstyles-13


Modern Short Hairstyles-14


Modern Short Hairstyles-15


Modern Short Hairstyles-16


Modern Short Hairstyles-17


Modern Short Hairstyles-18


Modern Short Hairstyles-19


Modern Short Hairstyles-20


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