20 Curly Short Hair Pics for Pretty Ladies

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Curly hair has always been an appealing and eye-catching. There is a misconception that curly haired women can’t sport short hairstyles but this is totally wrong. If your haircut and style is suitable for curly hair and face shape there is no reason not to rock short hair!

1. Thick Short Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair may little bit hard to maintain but with the right haircut like this bob hairstyle below it would be easier to sport a nice hairstyle.

Short Curly Hair


2. Grunge Hairstyle for Curly Short Hair

Long bob hairstyles are perfect for curly hair, it would be much more easy to style your hair with a lob.

Curly Short Hairstyles

3. Curly Short Hairdo

Short cropped haircuts with layering is perfect for ladies with curly hair, blonde highlights creates a nice style for her look.

Curly Short Hair

4. Cute Bob Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

Layered bob hairstyle will make your hair much more manageable and help to prevent frizz.

Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

5. Pixie Haircut for Curly Hair

Pixie haircut with longer hain on top looks really cute and unique on curly haired girls.

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair

6. Perm for Short Hair

Choppy layering creates a nice style for ladies with curly or wavy hair as you can see blow in this pic:

Curly Short Hair-6

7. Layered Style

Blonde and curly hair has always been a really gorgeous option for women with medium to light skin tones.

Curly Short Hair-7

8. Gorgeous Curly Short Bob

Here is a  stylish bob hairstyle for black ladies who like sport curly hair, to create those perfect curls use hair mousse and some hair oil before styling your hair.

Curly Short Hair-8

9. Cute Pixie

Tapered pixie cut with dark hair color and naturally curly hair would work on women who like masculine styles.

Curly Short Hair-9

10. Blonde and Curly

Black women with their unique hair texture is definitely gorgeous and when blonde hair color is added, it would look much more eye-catching.

Curly Short Hair-10

11. Cute Side Parted Hair

Look at this cute curly bob hairstyle with honey blonde highlights, layering and bangs creates a nice style all together.

Curly Short Hair-11

12. Messy Curly and Pixie

Messy style looks as its best on curly short hairstyles as you can see this effortless beauty.

Curly Short Hair-12

13. Fashionable Look

Short bob hairstyles are one of the most preferred hairstyle and it won’t go anywhere soon in 2017.

Curly Short Hair-13

14. Classy Hairstyle

Classy curly short bob hairstyles can be easily created with thicker curling iron and hair spray.

Curly Short Hair-14

Here are other bob hairstyles for curly hair texture:

15. Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly Short Hair-15

16. Mid Length Curly Bob

Curly Short Hair-16

17. Thick Hair

Curly Short Hair-17

18. Messy Pixie

Messy pixie cut with blonde highlights and big curls has tapered style that makes curly hair more manageable.

Curly Short Hair-18

19. Stylish Bob for Ladies

Whether you have naturally curly hair on not this dark bob hairstyle with big curls is perfect for women who like some volume in their hair.

Curly Short Hair-19

20. Blonde Highlighted Curly Bob

Blonde highlights creates a nice lightness and shine to her thick and curly hair that lead her a stylish look.

Curly Short Hair-20

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