20 Charming Short Cropped Haircut for Ladies

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We adore these 20 Charming Short Cropped Haircut for Ladies, in our gallery you will find the images of short cropped hairstyles that may look great on you, check them out now and get inspired!

1. Short Cropped Thin Hair

Here is a nice textured and cropped short hairstyle for thin hair.

Short Cropped Hair

2. Skinny Girl with Short Hair

This pixie cut with dark hair color will frame your face nicely.

Short Cropped Haircuts

3. Mia Wasikowska Short Hair

Here is another red pixie cut of Mia Wasikoska.

Short Cropped Haircut

4. Cropped Short Hair 2016

Here is a spiky short hairstyle that you can sport if you have thicker hair texture.

Short Cropped Hair Styles

5. Rihanna Pixie

Rihanna’s short cropped pixie is simple but definitely face framing.

Cropped Short Haircuts

6. Pixie Side View

This pixie cut with shave side is a perfect option for girls who like punk-rock style.Short Cropped Haircut-6

7. Sienna Miller

Here is a layered bob hairstyle of Sienna Miller.

Short Cropped Haircut-7

8. One Side Long

Here is an asymmetrical pixie style for edgy and charming look.

Short Cropped Haircut-8

9. Ziyi Zhang

You can create this edgy pixie style with wet look for special occasions.

Short Cropped Haircut-9

10. Halle Berry Short Hair

Her pixies are great inspiration for women, here is Halle Berry’s short hair.

Short Cropped Haircut-10

11. Lily Collins Street Style

Her pixie cut is really cute and great for casual looks.

Short Cropped Haircut-11

12. Over 50

Here is a layered pixie cut with bangs for older ladies.

Short Cropped Haircut-12

13. Short Layered Bob

Layered short bob hairstyles can be styled into gorgeous waves like this one below:

Short Cropped Haircut-13

14. Rihanna

Here is another Rihanna pixie cuts for dark hair.

Short Cropped Haircut-14

15. Pixie Crop

Her neat pixie crop will definitely frame your face and eyes.

Short Cropped Haircut-15

16. Sassy Hair

Her layered short haircut looks messy and chic.

Short Cropped Haircut-16

17. Pixie Side View

Here is side view of blonde layered pixie style.

Short Cropped Haircut-17

18. Short Pixie Cut

This layered pixie cut is a great choice for women with thin and straight hair.

Short Cropped Haircut-18

19. Fashionable Style

Here is a fashionable short hairstyle for this summer.

Short Cropped Haircut-19

20. Asymmetrical Pixie

This asymmetrical red pixie cut frames her face and emphasize her eyes beautifully.

Short Cropped Haircut-20

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