20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts

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Every now and then, new trends are set, and the entire world then starts following these new trends. Trends are set by trendsetters, and in order to become a trendsetter, a person must be famous. This is the reason why most trendsetters are celebrities such as actors, actresses and singers. Well, because of a few specific celebrities, including (but not limited to) Emma Watson, Kaley Cuoco, Rihanna and Halle Barry, who have decided to cut their hair short, a large number of women from all over the world have recently decided to cut their hair short too.

A woman cutting their hair short is definitely no problem at all. However, the problem arises when a woman cuts her hair short and then can’t find a suitable hairstyle for herself. When it comes to styling short hair, a woman certainly does not have many choices. The most common choices for short hairstyles include the pixie and the bob, and the most common choice for short hairstyles is the pixie. However, if a woman does choose to go with a Pixie cut, she will have to make another choice because there are literally hundreds of different variations of the pixie cut to choose from.

If a woman is to choose a pixie cut that she likes, then she definitely needs to narrow her search down because choosing one haircut out of hundreds of different haircuts is an extremely tough task. Well, some variations of the Pixie cut are definitely better than others, and this is how the list of Pixie haircuts which a woman can choose from can be narrowed down. Well, the following are the 20 short Pixie haircuts that are better than all other pixie haircuts in existence:

The Almost-No-Hair Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Hairstyles

The Sophisticated Edge Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut with a Detailed and Shaved Back

Short Pixie Haircuts

The Short Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

Short Pixie Hair Cuts

The Rainie Yang

Pixie Cut

The Regina King

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_1

The Halle Barry

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_2

The Cropped Pixie Cut

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_3

The Oscar De La Renta

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_4

The Classic Pixie Cut

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_5

The Lori Petty

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_6

The Pixie Cut with More Volume on Top

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_7

The Pompadour

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_8

The Sydney Robertson

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_9

The Unusually Short Pixie Cut

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_10

The Miley Cyrus

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_11

The Emma Watson Pixie Cut

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_12

The Little Boy Pixie Cut

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_13

The Alicia Quarles

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_14

The Rihanna Pixie Cut

20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts_15

The above list will definitely help a woman choose the ideal Pixie haircut for herself in no time as it turns a list that would otherwise have consisted of hundreds of items into a list that consists of no more than 20 items. Women want the best and nothing but the best for themselves, and that is exactly what the 20 Pixie haircuts listed above are. Women want perfection, and the 20 Pixie haircuts listed above are just that. All of the 20 Pixie haircuts listed above are not only better than all other Pixie haircuts but are also amazing hairstyles and any woman who tries them out will be nothing if not satisfied and extremely happy with the results.

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