20 Best Short Curly Hairstyles 2014

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Usually, when a woman needs change, the first thing she will do is to change a hairstyle. Sometimes it’s really good idea to cut your hare or color it into something new in order to refresh your look. But the point is that the decision should not come impulsively but after a thorough consideration because you don’t want to regret after getting out from the hairdresser’s salon. If you would like to change your look in order to feel more confident and also look better, you will need to make a plan. Consider few things when it comes to your new haircut.

First of all, you need to make a decision whether you want to cut your hair short or just make some modifications. A decision is not easy as it seems – every woman will agree with this statement. If you have very long hair, think twice before asking a hairdresser to cut it short because maybe you will regret after it happened. But if you have decided to cut it no matter what your husband, boyfriend or family will say, then you should take a look on hairsytles that are not only popular but that suit your face lines and your head shape. There is nothing worse than seeing a good curly haircut on somebody else and then appling the style without considering the head shape. If you have oval face, then the short haircut will probably suit you. If you want a radical change, so noone will recognize you at first glance, then you can also consider coloring your hair. Last few seasons brought us new trends when it comes to hair color, but natural look is also acceptable. Which color you will use really depends on your affinities. So, let us stop talking about decisions. You are the one who will decide whether to cut it or not and also whether to color it or not, so take a look at these 20 images in order to be inspired.

1. Cute Bob Style with Short and Surly Bangs

Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair


2. Easy Retro Bob for Heavy Hair

Short Curly Hair Cuts


3. Vintage Pixie Style for Axtravagant Ladies

Curly Short Haircuts


4. Curly Romantic Rixie Style With Lifted Bangs

Curly Short Haircut


5. Diva Marilyn Monroe Curly Style

Cute Short Curly Hairstyles

6. Wild Curly Bob for Romantic Look

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_1


7. Chic But Natural and Lovely Curles

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_2


8. Curly Bob Like For Modern Fairy Tale

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_3


9. Afro Bob with Sexy Wild Curles

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_4

10. Retro Elegant Bob for Diva’s Look

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_5

11. Short Weave Perm For Wet Style

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_6


12. Totaly Elegant Weave Like Kerry Washington

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_7

13. Wild Blonde Bob With Pink Areas

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_8

14. Serious But Fresh Curly Bob Style

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_9


15. Extremely Elegant Weaves For Blondes

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_10

16. Exotic Bangs on an Afro Bob Style

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_11


18. Modern Asymethric Weavy Bob With Bangs
20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_12


19. Vintage Pin-Up Marylin Monroe Blond Hair

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_13

20. Extremely Sexy Curly Bob Style

20 Best short curly hairstyles 2014_14

As you can see, this season you can choose among variety of curly styles. If your hair is naturally curly, then you are lucky since you will not have to waste your time on curling your hair. Also, natural look is what counts. But if your hair is not curly, you have two options – you can curle only hair and leave your bangs natural, or you can totally curl up your hair and gain wild and exotic look. Of course, perm is also available so if you don’t want to spend too many hours in a salon every day, ask your hairstylist to make you perm.

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