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20 Best Black Short Hairstyles for Women

Black women and black girls are very much worried about their haircuts. As 2013 has approached in which short hairstyles are in trend so black women and black girls want to know the short hairstyles they can try this year. There are many various styles which they can try but among them top 20 short hairstyles include:

Short natural hairstyles for black girls

Beautiful short haircuts for black women

Bangs are quite in when it comes to short hairstyles. They are always in fashion and will look great on you.

Trendy short haircuts for black women

You can have a bob hairstyle.

Pictures of short bob haircuts for black women

Cute short haircuts for black women

short summer hairstyles 2013 for black women

Short natural hairstyles for black women with round faces

Short natural hairstyles for black women with round faces

Black girls and black women can opt the pixie hairstyle to look trendy this year.

Red hair color for black women

Short curly hairstyles for black women pictures

Nice hairstyles for black women with short hair

Curls: you can put lots of curls on your hair.

Cute short curly haircuts for black women

Colors: you can try some colors on your hair to look cool.

Short hairstyles with color for black women

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  1. where are the short short hair cuts for women of color with oval square or oval shaped faces we like short hair styles too! you must remember there are many face shapes.

  2. Go to hell black is beautiful you may have lost your identity but they havent get your mind right funny how everyone is trying to look black lol

  3. What are you talking about in regards to black identity? Our identity
    has an extensive range. Our skin identifies us and it’s beautiful. None
    of us in this generation are trying to get away from our blackness. As far as hair color and relaxing unruly hair- that is just fashion and style sense or preference.

  4. Nice short styles for blacks with extensions it’s so nice only if the hairstylist knows how to cut the hair,im one of them I know talking from experience.i do most of short and long styles and nice once

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  6. I thought this was a good representation of Black women. From very dark to very light. Naturally dark hair to dyed and in between. We come in all colors, shapes and sizes and that is beautiful!

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