15 Short Length Haircuts 2014

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We have left behind 2014, but last year’s hair fashion continues to be spoken. More and more famous hair stylists emphasized on the texture of the short hair for the yet finished 2014. A number of great hair stylists agree that short hairstyles can make you stylish and cool if you have chose an ideal one that suits your face shape and personality. Short hairstyle can create a pretty festive and romantic look. Besides, the short hairstyles can extend female figure visually in the neck. The short hair with much texture can create you an unusual image that attracts people’s attention immediately. Now, let’s check 15 Short Length Haircuts 2014.

1. Short Length Straight Haircut for 2014-2015

Best Short Length Haircuts 2014

2. Short Length Brown Haircut

Nice Short Length Haircuts

3. Short Length Pixie Blonde Haircut

Short Length Pixie Haircuts 2014


4. Short Length Dark Bob Haircut

Short Length Bob Haircuts 2014

5. Short Length Bob Hair with Hat

Short Length Bob Hairstyles

6. Cutest Short Length Asian Bob Hair

Short Length Asian Bob Haircuts 2014


7. Short Length Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Short Length Lovely Wavy Bob Hair

8. Short Lenght Cropped Hair with Fringes

Short Lenght Cropped Haircuts 2014


9. Short Lenght Highlighted Hairstyle

Short Lenght Highlighted Haircuts 2014


10. Short Lenght Blonde Layered Haircut

Short Lenght Blonde Layered Haircuts

11. Cute Short Lenght Layered Hair

Short Lenght Layered Haircuts 2014

12. Short Lenght Layered Bleached Pixie Hair

Short Lenght Layered Pixie Haircuts


13. Short Lenght Layered Bob with Bangs

Short Lenght Layered Bob with Bangs Hair


14. Short Lenght A Line Black Bob

Short Lenght A Line Bob Haircuts 2014


15. Short Lenght Straight Brown Bob

Short Lenght Straight Bob Haircuts 2014



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