15 Short Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

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Oblong faces have a special appeal about themselves. We can’t say the same about any other facial shape. You may miss that asymmetrical forehead with full cheeks in this type of face but still, it’s hard to ignore the charm of that long chin or forehead that comes with oblong faces. And if you’re like me and fantasizes of how blessed you’re to have this kind of facial structure that allows a lot of hairstyles to be matched for an immaculately astonishing appearance, chances are, you are also a big fan of short hair.

Short hair is good for a variety of purposes. Among other benefits, the most prominent is the requirement of less time, effort and skill to look perfect. And while you have a beautiful oblong face, pair it with short hair and you will highly appreciate the effect.

However, it has become a craze among ladies with oblong faces to have short hair, here are 15 short hairstyle ideas for them. Be sure to choose the one that parallels your hair texture for a better upshot.

1- Short Hairstyle for Oblong Faces

Short Hairtyle for Oblong Faces, Hair Square Bob Face

Want a sassy look with your short hair? Sport this very style and you’ll get the desired glamor. The calm and relaxing vibe is just another natural add-on that comes with this haircut.

2- Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage, Hair Blonde Balayage Over

This blonde balayage can give you a bossy girl look. So trendy and still down to earth appearance. The waves are so randomly put that you can take it as a symbol of your mystical character. None can guess what would be your next move. Remarkably fascinating!

3- Mandy Moore Short Hair

Mandy Moore Short Hair, Hair Medium Length Dos

Mandy Moor just wowed us with this sensational look. Her short hairstyle tells the rest. If you want to achieve the same kind of vibe, try having this haircut. Because simply by wearing this short hair, you can reach the halfway towards your dream look.

4- Wavy Bob Oblong Face

Wavy Bob Oblong Face, Bob Faces Long Wavy

Gone are the days of average look even when you have a very challenging oblong face. How? Take a brief glimpse on this wavy bob and you’ll realize what ladies with round or oval shapes are gonna miss. This mesmerizing look needs no extra touch up to be perfect. Simple yet inspiring.

5- Fancy Bob Cut

Fancy Bob Cut, Hair Makeup All Face

Ever thought of how lifeless appearance you’re carrying due to your age-old hairstyle? It’s time to try something new. Increase your charm with this fancy bob cut on your blonde and it will never feel old.

6- Stacked Blonde

Short Hair Faces Face

Middle aged ladies will find this stacked blonde very much encouraging to get a symmetrical look. Due to the side parted style, your forehead will be covered from one side and┬áthat’s the best thing about it.

7- Straight Angled Bob

Hair Bob Short Bangs

This straight blonde hair looks flattering on ladies with fine hair and fair complexion. Too wonderful to get ignored.

8- Pixie Cut with Longer Bangs

Short Hair Faces Oblong

9- Charming Beautiful Fancy Look

Hair 20 Bob Some

10- Kinda Messy Fine Hair

Bob Blonde Parted Side

11- Sweet and Short Caramel Brown

Bob Hair Short 40

12- Shoulder Length Beachy Wavy Mane

Hair Oval Face Blunt

13- Side Parted Casual Blonde

Hair Blonde Faces Short

14- Wavy Thin Hair

Hair Haircuts Hairtyles Bob

15- Natural Look with Side Swept Bangs

Hair Short Celeb Colour

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