15 New Medium Pixie Haircuts

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These articles are for the bravest women that have decided to bring a radical change in their appearance. Pixie cuts can transform your look completely making you a new lady. Pixie is the best way to bring out your beauty. Pixie haircuts are meant to make your look sharper and brighter. If you have short haircut then don’t worry because this style is suit to short hair. This is not that don’t suit to the long hair. Moreover, instead of having to all the time have your hair styled into a ponytail or spend hours on styling your hair, now you can have the look that you want in just a couple of minutes. Take a look these 15 New Medium Pixie Haircuts and get inspired!

1. Medium Messy Pixie Cut

New Medium Pixie Cut


2. Medium Pixie Haircut Idea

Best Medium Pixie Haircuts

3. Medium Length Blonde Pixie Cut Style

Medium Length Blonde Pixie Cut

4. Medium Pixie Hairstyle Women

New Medium Pixie Hairstyles


5. LatestMedium Highlighted Pixie Hairstyle

Medium Highlighted Pixie Hairstyles


6. Stylish Medium Pixie Haircut

Stylish Medium Pixie Haircuts

7. Blonde Hair Medium Pixie Hair

Blonde Hair Medium Pixie Cuts

8. Modern Hair Medium Pixie Cut

Modern Hair Medium Pixie Cuts 2015

9. Halle Berry Medium Pixie Hairdo

Halle Berry Medium Pixie Haircuts

10. Medium Pixie Dark Straight Hair

Medium Pixie Dark Haircuts

11. Trendy Medium Pixie Thick Hairdo

Trendy Medium Pixie Thick Haircuts

12. Layered Medium Pixie Fine Hair

Layered Medium Pixie Haircuts

13. Asian Medium Thick Pixie Hair

Asian Medium Pixie Hairstyles

14. Anne Hathaway Medium Pixie Hairdo

Anne Hathaway Medium Pixie Haircuts

15. Straight Layered Medium Pixie Hair Cut

Straight Layered Medium Pixie Haircuts

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